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For Those Who Say Obama Never Reached Out To The GOP

October 5, 2009

I invite you to recall how that outreach went during the January/February stimulus debate as recounted by the conservative UK daily, The Times (of London).

Do you remember now?

And should anyone then be surprised by how the health care debate has devolved into such acrimony?

Obama FC Knocked Out On Penalties

November 5, 2008

Well, we Americans have made history in electing Barack Obama, our first African-American President. Its well known that President-elect Obama is a pretty good basketball player and soccer dad but not many realize that a team in Kogelo, Kenya (the village of Obama’s father) renamed itself Obama FC back in 2004.

It seems the Illinois senator fared better than Obama FC with the club losing a match this week 1-0 to a crosstown rival in the Obama Big Day Soccer Tournament. The tourney was arranged by Barack Obama’s step-brother Malik Obama to coincide with the November 4 US presidential elections.

Obama FC goalkeeper Boaz Okelo blamed a nagging elbow injury which made him less able to stop shots during the penalty shoot out after the match ended in a draw.

“The other players were kicking the ball towards my injured elbow,” Okelo told the media on Sunday, after his club was eliminated.

Our first real soccer Dad in the White House.