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Champions League Review: Let The Bands Do The Talking

February 26, 2009

Instead of my own commentary on the results of this week’s Champions League matches, I’ll let some fine bands do it instead.

Bayern Munich 5 – Sporting Lisbon 0:

Chelsea 1 – Juventus 0

*Everyone knows the Gallaghers are huge City fans but this one just seemed to fit.

Arsenal 1 – AS Roma 0

Inter Milan 0 – Manchester United 0

Olympique Lyon 1 – Barcelona 1

*Yep Barca, you were Outshined.

Real Madrid 0 – Liverpool 1

Porto 2 – Atletico Madrid 2

Porto had something to prove and their comeback proved it well

Villarreal 1 – Panathanaikos 1

Perfect if you’re Panathanaikos

Gooch Transfer Rumor Of The Week

January 9, 2009

Well Vagabonds, its Friday and what week would be complete without some new wrinkle in the Onyewu transfer saga? Its either that or gratuitous links to Soundgarden videos.

Since the Soundgarden discography is so finite (given that they broke up in 1997), we need to use them more sparingly. So, I guess Gooch transfer rumors will have to do.

This week Belgium’s ExtraFoot is reporting that Olympique Marseille thinks the price tag on Oguchi Onyewu and his teammate Milan Jovanovich is too high. My spidey sense tells me that we should not take such reports as the final word but rather as part of the transfer dance between two clubs.

Aaah, why not?