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Eddie Johnson Sighting!

January 26, 2009

For those of you who may have forgotten about him, there was an Eddie Johnson sighting in Cardiff, Wales yesterday!

Johnson entered Cardiff City’s FA Cup match with Arsenal right at the stroke of 90 minutes to help preserve a 0-0 draw. The mighty Arsenal Football Club marched into Cardiff on Sunday with one objective; to quickly dispatch last season’s FA Cup finalists and avoid another fixture on their already cluttered match schedule.

Instead, Arsenal were in a dog-fight most of the afternoon and Cardiff City lived to fight another day (although that next fight will be at Arsenal’s home digs – The Emirates Stadium in London. Perhaps, Johnson will see more time during this fixture – you never know.

Now, if we can just get Freddy Adu some minutes down in Monaco…

*Brought to you by Keith Richardson, who should soon be signed by LFV once his agent comes to terms with Natasha, our evil head of human resources.