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Is America Hooked On War?

September 21, 2009

Some good food for thought as we start the week.

Tom Englelhart asks an important question this week in his excellent article “Is America Hooked On War?”

And lest you think this is a jab at either major party, you’ll find that Engelhart opines that this addiction started long before Bush and seems to have broad approval by both parties.

Is he wrong? Is he right? If so, what to do about it?

Kljestan in Milan – And Playing In The San Siro!

December 22, 2008

Sorry folks but it does not look like Sacha Kljestan is in Milan for talks with either of the city’s two powerhouse clubs, AC and Inter. Instead, he is in Milan to play for the Ambassadors of Peace team in a charity match against the Iraqi national team. Kljestan didn’t show any jet lag and was quite active in midfield during the second half, causing problems for the Iraqi defense.

The event was organized by the group Un Goal Per La Pace (A Goal For Peace) and the proceeds will go to aid the children of Iraq. AC Milan coach Carlo Anceloti’s Ambassadors of Peace team ended up beating the young Iraqi side 2-1.

Now, it remains to be seen if Kljestan takes a detour out to Bergamo for a chat with Atalanta (a side which has been interested in him), or jumps on a plane and heads home for Christmas. Of course, that trip home could always make a stop elsewhere in Europe on the way back…