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So Much For "Country First"

October 3, 2009

While we never really had a chance to land the 2016 Olympics in Chicago (since we just had the 2002 Winter Games and South America has never held one), its astonishing to see how giddy the conservatives are that the Windy City was the first one voted out.

Whatever happened to that slogan from the McCain campaign; Country First?

Check out how this group, Americans For Prosperity (one of the main organizing groups behind the tea party protests) reacted to the news that Chicago was out of the running:

Is it just me or does it seem that a certain group of Americans only loves this country when they are in control of it?

Come on Folks! 11,452 Fans For a WC Qualifier?

September 11, 2008

Its great to see the USA has collected all nine points possible in World Cup qualifying so far with a 3-0 win over Trinidad last night. What bothers me is not the quality of play (which my friend Bob Wagman describes well here), its that only 11,452 fans showed up to watch the match in Bridgeview, Illinois – and some were cheering for the Soca Warriors.

Come on folks, we had that many US fans at the USA-Poland match on a wintry night in March 2006 in Kaiserslautern, Germany! We had twice that many cross the ocean to watch the Nats during the last World Cup but in our own country and not to many miles from Soccer House itself, all we get is a paltry crowd which left over 8,000 seats unoccupied.

Its a shame that for years, our US players felt like the visiting team when playing in some stadiums (such as in LA) but this was downright pathetic. If you live in the greater Chicago area (that includes you too Hoosiers from Lake County and those in southern Wisconsin) and call yourself a soccer fan and weren’t there, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do.

We expect much from these players who fight jet lag after jetting in from Europe or the coast to battle for 90 minutes before hopping back on a series of long flights home, only to play for so few (and thanks to those who were there). They deserve better. Its time we started expecting more from ourselves and remember these words; never again.