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E Tu Blockbuster?

February 7, 2009

The last time I was back home in the States last July, I was dumbstruck at seeing a promotional poster for the Mexican national soccer team hanging on the wall of a McDonald’s in Gallup, New Mexico. It then gave me a flashback to watching a 1994 USA-Chile friendly in Albuquerque and being disgusted at how many fans were cheering against our own national team but I digress…

Now, it seems Blockbuster has joined the ranks of the corporate Judas clan, taking part in putting a voodoo hex on the US National Team in the run up to the US-Mexico World Cup qualifier on February 10th.

It seems that Mexico, desperate to halt a 10 year winless streak in the USA (do you hear that Euro-prognosticators who always rank Mexico higher?), will try anything these days. Its just too bad that the ad, which features a voodoo doll of a US player named Gringo being stuck with pins, will give more US fans a reason to skip Blockbuster and sign up for Netflix or stop by their local Hollywood Video store.