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Monaco: Adu Ready For A League Start?

September 27, 2008

Freddy Adu finally made a start for AS Monaco, putting in a solid effort in a League Cup match against Paris Saint-Germain. Unfortunately, Monaco fell to the resurgent PSG 1-0 on a 36th minute goal by Fabrice Pancrate. Adu was replaced in the 70th by Park Ju-Young who was also unable to produce an equalizer.

Adu’s performance and good understanding with his teammates bodes well for his chances to start Sunday against Lille. Park still seems to be finding his feet on The Rock so this may be the opening Adu has been waiting for.
The question now is whether coach Ricardo Gomes is ready to pair Adu up top with the 6′ 3″ Frederic Nimani or start his two new (but smaller) players up top, Adu and Park. Since Monaco traditionally prefers to have a muscular target up front (formerly Jan Koller, now Nimani) with a speedy supporting striker, we could see an AduNimani pairing on Sunday.