Friday Musings

I’ll be adding bits and pieces to this one all day so be sure to keep checking for more.

LFV friend Gruffgoat has a good catch with a link to a nice Sunday Observer article on Clint Dempsey by World Cup pal Jaime Jackson, a fine soccer journalist who has not forgotten his roots as a player and fan. Writers like Jaime, Amy Lawrence, and others at the Observer are the reason their newspaper has some of the best soccer coverage of any paper in the English speaking world.

How about those Seattle Sounders who have already sold 18,600 season tickets for home games at Qwest Field? Its nice to know Kasey Keller (who has some nice quotes in the article link) and his teammates will be well supported as they start their inaugural season. I’ve often wondered why MLS had not yet expanded into the soccer hotbeds of our country to places like Seattle, Portland, and St. Louis? Of course you need the perfect storm of investors, available facilities, and a supportive local government to go with that ready-made fan base but come on – couldn’t those be lined up for Portland and St. Louis as well?

My spidey sense tells me that singer-songwriter and friend of LFV Greg Seltzer will have a juicy story to break sometime soon. Can you say Kljestan in green and white stripes for more than a week or two? And no, I don’t mean a South Carolina prison uniform!

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