Gibbs’ Return to St. Pauli In Question

It looks like FC St. Pauli of the German Second Bundeliga is still looking for defensive help since the anticipated return of US defender Cory Gibbs appears doubtful. St Pauli sports director Helmut Schulte told Bild that “I assume he is not now coming.” Gibbs, whose contract with Charlton Athletic (a team for which he never appeared due to injuries) just ran out, had recently been training with the Hamburg-based side. He is reportedly still in Miami deciding what decision to make for his future – which we read to mean that someone is shopping him around to MLS franchises.

Another American defender who formerly played for St Pauli, Ian Joy, had also been considered. Hamburg’s Abendblatt describes FC St Pauli’s defensive woes as an “emergency” situation with few solutions currently available. So, if there are any ambitious young defenders out there looking to break into the German game, I suggest they have their agent contact FC St Pauli soon – training already started this week.

One Response to “Gibbs’ Return to St. Pauli In Question”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Any new news on Cory?

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